Five types of toilets tailored for small-sized homes

Toilets are important building materials for bathroom renovation. Many people have headaches when choosing toilets. Indeed, the large body of a one-piece squat seat stands upright in the bathroom, making it difficult to associate it with aesthetics, especially for small-sized bathrooms. Toilets will occupy a lot of valuable space. The following describes five types of toilets for various needs of attention to avoid unnecessary space waste.

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Less water consumption

Many people will use the amount of water as a criterion for judging whether or not to save water. In fact, instead of using less water, the more water is saved. Some toilets have small amounts of water, but they cannot flush the dirt out of the pipeline. Over time, they can cause pipeline obstruction. If flushing does not reach a certain dilution rate, odors will remain in the toilet bowl. The super-water saving system has a wide 3-inch flush valve, ensuring a stronger flushing force. The water flow injected by the enlarged siphon jet port can cause siphon action, allowing sufficient flushing power to achieve a 9 litre flush effect with only 4.8 litres of water.

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