Two elements of decoration Feng Shui: color and orientation

When it comes to feng shui for interior decoration, there are two points that must be valued: color and orientation. Feng Shui pays attention to the balance between the yin and yang elements. Therefore, in the color and orientation of interior decoration, it is required to be consistent with the function of the room and to create a hustle and bustle.

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Half of life is spent at home. The home is a small universe where people live. The color of their decoration will have an impact on the development of all aspects of the occupants. Based on the analysis of feng shui, based on the materials represented by the five elements, it is best to select the hue that matches each other and to match the color of the room.

Since ancient times, the Chinese people have adopted red as the most auspicious color, expressing warmth, happiness, auspiciousness, strength, etc.

Yellow is a symbol of light, authority, and longevity, which can be reflected in the colors of the costumes and palace decoration in the Forbidden City (because the main colors of the palace decoration use gold and vermilion to express nobleness and authority). Yellow represents sacred and supreme.

Green represents life, spring, tranquility and freshness. It is the color commonly used in interior decoration, and the interior is adorned with green carpets and bonsai.

White and black are sad and dull in the eyes of our people. They have scruples about customs, beliefs, and taboos.

The color of the decoration should also coincide with the function of the room. Avoid the gold, the wood, the water, the fire, and the earth. The five elements correspond to white, blue, black, red, and yellow, respectively, and the coincidence is a symbol of good luck. As fierce.

Living room - The living room is a place for family members to relax, entertain and communicate with the outside world. It determines the relationship between the family and the society, the development of the business, etc. This position should be based on elegant and stable patterns, and the living room should be located in front of the entire house.

The bedroom - as a family's happiness, the main thing is to see the degree of harmony between husband and wife, then, the layout of the bedroom where the husband and wife live is the key, since it is the bedroom, then the most important point is the placement of the bed, In feng shui, anger, longevity, natural medicine, and voltility are the four auspicious directions. They can be combined with the husband and wife's life to put the bed in a reasonable place. The auspicious position for the placement of the bed in the West Fourth Life is: West, northwest, and southwest; complementary orientation is northeast; the auspicious directions for the placement of beds for the East Fourth Life are: east, southeast, and south, and the complementary orientation is north. Also pay attention to the color tone, living comfort and so on.

Study - The study is a place for reading and studying. It is the wisdom of the family. It should focus on lighting and ventilation. The position of the desk should be placed in Wenchang. (Feng Shuixue believes that: “Heavenly Habitat is above the star, he is in the world and he is in charge”, and the position of Tianju Nixing is the angry party for everyone.

The kitchen-kitchen symbolizes the family's wealth and food, first of all requiring space to be as wide and comfortable as possible, with good ventilation, and attention should be paid to cleanliness. The location of the stove and the faucet must be placed on the Kyrgyzstan side. Fengshui thinks that the main development of the wealth is "the sky money star. "With the functions of "Guan Gui Jin Gu" and "Submitting Su Gong," Tian Qian Xing is very coincidentally distributing the position of "Yan Nian" in each house, while Yan Nian represents the symbol of longevity and prosperity. Therefore, the kitchen design This position can drive the family's fortune and all aspects of development.

Toilets - Toilets are the place for the whole family to excrete waste. The toilets should be located in a suitable location. The toilets should not be opposed to the kitchen doors and they must not be facing the doors. Otherwise, the health of the whole family and the development of the fortune will be affected.

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