The decoration construction supervisor determines the decoration needs to take a good step

Decoration can be based on personal preferences, family characteristics and economic conditions to determine the decoration style and grade. If there is no idea, you can first go to the furniture market to see, choose to like the furniture and furnishings and various decorations, and now many furniture stores also have the effect of the model, in the process of watching furniture, jewelry, will naturally subconscious The personal preferences of the people slowly come to light.

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In addition, home improvement is based on the premise of satisfying individual needs. Therefore, the deeper the communication with the designer, the better the decoration effect, otherwise it may leave a lot of regret. As the owner, in order to live in a comfortable home, don't forget to communicate with the designer at least 7 aspects before the renovation:

1. Decoration investment budget;

2. Family members' hobbies and professional characteristics;

3. The sense of decoration style, color and hobby;

4. The location of each room function;

5. Individual opinions on the selection of major decorative materials;

6. Arrangement and requirements for lighting systems, switches, sockets, and air-conditioning systems in the whole house;

7. Crafts, placement of decorative paintings, etc.

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