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In fact, if women are to maintain their youthful posture and moisten their face, besides paying attention to daily maintenance and dietary conditioning, Feng Shui at home is an important part that cannot be ignored. Let's take a look at the experience of this netizen.

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The bedroom is most concerned about the flow of feng shui

What I have raised is the best breeding koi, one is a big red one is golden, very beautiful, they swim like a fairy is very elegant. I bought all kinds of aquatic plants. Small fish would scoop aquatic plants, so we need to change plants once a month. I also put cute shells and corals in the tank. There is no smell after changing the water every few days. I used the kind of water to water the flowers. Feng Shui said that the bedroom should pay attention to the flow of feng shui, I believe, huh. However, my old man came to help me prepare for the month, and said that I slept especially well in my bedroom.

Speaking of Feng Shui at home, we have many strange theories. Because although some places are very luxurious, people feel very uncomfortable when they enter. They can't sleep well, and those who live in it are always looking bad. This is probably the role of feng shui.

The room is facing north and south

The orientation of the room must be north-south and north and south. In particular, the living room and bedroom are in the direction of the south. In winter, the sun can cover the whole room. In summer, there is no direct sunlight. In this way, household supplies can be sun-disinfected in the sun, and the flowers on the balcony can thrive.

Hanging aromatic plants in the room

In the hot and humid south, use aromatic plants to repel evil. I remember that the ancient writings also always said that the Chu area in the south, because of hot and humid evil, people always have to wear aromatic plants to exorcise evil spirits, the Dragon Boat Festival to hang the leaves on the door but also use the leaves to boil water to take a bath. These are all very valid.

On the balcony, mint and lavender, green mint leaves can be used to prevent heatstroke and mosquitoes. After lavender is dried, it is wrapped in a small cloth and placed in the closet and drawer. No need for mothballs or my baby's clothing. Now it's fragrant.) Put the peppers in the rice bucket and the rice won’t be bugs. Take a bath with dried lemon peel or orange peel, not only can the aromatic be bactericidal, improve hands and feet cold ... If you always use chemical synthetic insect repellent or deodorant, the feng shui in the room is broken.

Bedroom to fish

So no matter where we go, our bedroom always needs to raise two fish. In the morning, without blinking, the sound of small fish spit bubbles can be heard. It is very cute... There are also pebbles and green plants in the fish tank. In addition to humidifying the room, there will be something like water, whether it is a little superstitious or not. I will also choose fish-shaped Chinese knots, embroidery or something.

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