Spring Festival home improvement offers a lot of rational perspective not blindly from

With the upcoming New Year's Day and Spring Festival, many decoration companies have launched a lot of discount activities, so that many would like to decorate the hearts of my friends just around the corner. At the same time, the building materials market has also ushered in a small upsurge, many of the means of promotion so that consumers can not afford to give, but after all, the promotion is only the cover of the business, the real loss of the business people will not do, this time consumers will Brighten your eyes and see the truth through them with a rational attitude.

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First of all, some decoration companies use promotional banners in the form of advertisements to lure customers to consult. According to industry sources, promotional activities do not rule out the user's side of profit, but it may also have hidden mystery: First, the discount discount products may not be new products, but businesses deal with goods, but also limit the scope of the discount; with a These products have low discount prices to entice customers; Second, secretly increase the original offer, after the discount price is comparable with the original price; Third, the decoration company first depressed the offer, after inducing customers to sign the decoration contract, and then continue to increase the project cost, late increase Many items, decoration has become a bottomless hole; Fourth, the quality of environmental protection but off, design, materials, construction and services are "seriously shrinking."

Senior experts revealed that discounted offers should be alert to “beautiful pitfalls.” Low-cost promotional advertising may be just an activity that attracts consumers, but it seems very tempting, and it is often cheaper to participate in low-discount sweep actions. , especially the clear sale of samples. In addition, there are also some decoration companies and businesses that have actually raised the price of the project before promoting it, and then perform discount promotions. For raising the quotation, the general owner can visit a few formal decoration companies to compare before the decoration, and the difference can be easily seen. Limiting the scope of discounts is a relatively common phenomenon. When consumers see discounted advertisements, they must first ask whether they are discounted on the total decoration price or whether they are discounted on some part of the total price, despite the relatively low price of individual items, or It's just that a single product participates in a promotion, but in the end it's the wool that goes out to the sheep. The activity fee will be earned back from Other projects. Similarly, there is no first-class service for decoration and superb technical masters, and there is no guarantee of environmental protection in the later period of renovation.

In short, the owners still have to be cautious about spending, and should not blindly follow the various promotional methods available in the market. Whether they are setting homes or building materials, they must look more, compare and visit, and don’t believe in the hype. And more should look at some of the decoration company's strength and service protection.

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